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Welcome to Franklin Nets!

Treat yourself to a beautiful handcrafted Franklin Trout Net built in the Missouri Ozarks and walk into the stream with confidence.

We have three styles of net kits to choose from - each designed with the trout fisherman in mind.

Each trout net is individually handcrafted to enhance the beauty of the gorgeous hardwoods that we use to create each net.



Our net kit handles are laminated and finished by hand with numerous coats of waterproof varnish. The hoops are bent and laminated with various combinations of walnut, hickory, pecan and oak hardwoods. The handles are selected and fashioned from American Black Walnut , Oak, Ash and other woods upon request.

Our standard landing trout net kit consists of 2-ply hoops made of 1/8'' hickory or ash laminated to a strip of 1/8'' walnut. The finished hoop is 5/8'' to 3/4'' wide making for a net that is very strong, yet light in weight. We craft our nets so that the lighter honey-colored layer of hickory is laminated to the walnut handle followed by a walnut layer that is laminated to the outside strip. Now available: Black knotless catch and release nets at no extra charge!

Our trout net kits have been designed with your satisfaction in mind. We think that you will find our nets ideal for display in home and office or for landing that perfect trout from your favorite stream.